Welcome to Angel Investor

Welcome to The Angel Investor

Invest your time in a fantastic business without investing your money, and create a lucrative, ongoing income-stream for yourself and your family, with AngelUsers.

Hello and welcome to C2BPromo.
We’re excited to invite you to be one of our Angel Investors.

This short video will explain who we are and…
More importantly…
Why becoming an Angel Investor is truly an excellent opportunity.

No Money Invested

No Money Invested

As a registered Angel Investor, you don’t need to invest any money but get returns from the potential sales of 6 levels of your networks—

by getting associated with not only a 22 year experienced Factory Direct E-Commerce Website but also the all future launches as well!

No Purchase Obligation

No Purchase Obligation

Unlike other marketing companies, we don’t sell you called “sales kit” or “samples” for your promotion works.

You simply don’t need to purchase any product from us to join our Investor Networks

No Membership Fee

No Membership Fee

Yes, we don’t charge you membership fee for your privilege of Angel Investor. It is absolutely free to join our Angel Investor Program to earn exponential returns from your networks up to 6 levels.


Who We Are

C2BPromo manufactures unique, customized promotional products for businesses all over North America.

After 2 decades in the industry we’ve completely rebuilt our supply chain… Removing the middle-man to offer top-quality promotional products at prices 20 to 60% lower than our competition.

From traditional Pens and Car Chargers to incredible 3D VR headsets, USB Drives, Bluetooth Speakers, Power Banks, Selfie-Sticks and more, our huge a rray of fine products can be customized in many ways…
Letting businesses promote and brand themselves with attractive, memorable gift products.

C2BPromo has worked with Google, Heineken, Citibank, Toyota, Pfizer and other Fortune 500 companies, on orders big and small.

In fact, we’re the #1 factory-direct customized business gift manufacturer in North America!

Who We Are

The Opportunity

As a C2BPromo Angel Investor your job will be simply this;
Promote C2BPromo to businesses everywhere…
And create a network of other Angel Investors doing the same thing.

If that sounds like MLM, consider this;

There is no monetary investment on your part.Our products are never overpriced.
In fact, we invest our profits in our Angel Investors…
So you make an excellent income and our prices stay affordable.

During your 2 years as an Angel Investor, you’ll earn 5% from any direct network sales and 1% from your extended networks.

Every single Angel Investor has an equal opportunity, not just those on top…
Giving you the ability to earn upwards of $150,000 a year with moderate effort.

Here at C2BPromo and AngelUsers we believe this is a truly excellent opportunity.

If you agree, here’s what to do;
First, click the link to go to AngelUsers.com, our investment and marketing platform, and register to become an Angel Investor.
Next, start sharing on social media and creating your network.

Yes, it’s that easy

Yes, it’s that easy

Just so you know, AngelUsers.com is where you can monitor everything. Clicks, registrations, purchases and, most importantly, your commissions.

Once that’s done, the very best part finally starts;
Earning an excellent, long-term residual income…
With C2BPromo.

Once you built your investment networks, the 1 direct + 5 levels extended networks will keep working for your returns in 24/7 during your 2-year investment time with C2BPromo store. The return is accumulated and exponential and it is huge! And, more stores are coming soon!

Interested? Register and Start to Investing Today!


How Does The Angel Investor Program Work

Many people ask us how the Angel Investor Program actually works, so here’s exactly what you need to do.

Simply go to AngelUsers.com to register your account, or use an affiliate link from a friend if you were referred. Fill out all of the requested information, as this will validate your account and determine if you can invest on our site.

If you are approved after registration, you will receive an activation email for your account. When you sign in, you will see numbers on your dashboard.

These numbers include the total sales from your networks, your total income, as well as the current balance on your account, total clicks, total registered investors, and the total number of orders from your networks.

If there is money in the balance section of your account, you will be able to withdraw it at any time to your PayPal account, or through a check.

Once you are logged into your investor account, you will gain access to valuable metrics including how many clicks you’re getting, how many registered investors are connected to your account, and how many sales you are getting from your friends’ friends’ networks. You can have one direct network, and up to five levels of extended networks.

How It works

Additionally, in your account, you will be able to view statements and your account history. This will provide you with everything you need to know about your earnings and activities from your networks.

The Angel Investor Program includes a dashboard in which you will find social media marketing tools to expand your investment networks and invite your friends to join. Additionally, the invest in C2BPromo Store in Your Networks tool will allow you to promote your business. Additionally, you will gain investment network tools in which you can invite people to the site and register investors from your own network. You will receive 5% from any direct network sales, and 1% from extended networks during your first two years.

The Angel Investor Program provides investors with all of the tools they need to succeed. You will be able to build investment networks that will work for you, so you can enjoy your life while enjoying 24/7 returns.

The process is simple and makes investing easy and fun. This video laid the groundwork for our program, but let us know if you have any more questions! Register, and start investing today. It’s time to enjoy the unlimited income opportunities that AngelUsers provides.


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